Limited Liability Company "Free People"

TIN 7840083929 KPP 784001001 PSRN 1187847263746 r / account 40702810832060008695 in ST PETERSBURG BRANCH JSC ALFA-BANK c / a 30101810600000000786 Legal address: 191186, St. Petersburg, st. Gorokhovaya, 8/13 LLC "Svobodnye lyudi" 191186, St. Petersburg, Gorokhovaya st., 8/13 TIN 7840083929, checkpoint 784001001 OGRN 1187847263746 P / s 40702810832060008695 in the ST. PETERSBURGSKY BRANCH JSC ALFA-BANK "К / с 30101810600000000786 BIK 044030786 OKPO 33058807 OKVED 56.10 General Director O. A. Pavlotsky


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